Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Rightist Sixth Column

I read an interesting article today that made me wonder this: Some on the right like to have sex with puppies. In fact, some have argued for the right to have sex with goats in public places. But is it fair to smear all those on the right with the same brush? I think not. I think there are those on the right who would argue that such a thing is wrong, against the laws of man and of God. And I would agree with them, fair-minded folk that they are. But I wonder why they aren't all like that? Why oh why do they tolerate those puppy-abusing perverts in their midst?

And speaking of straw men, aren't there some on the right who think we should do away with anyone not exactly like "us," those of us who are defining exactly who "us" is?

One also wonders, seriously this time, why the folks on the right are called "colorful" when they engage in name-calling. (The author of the article to which this post links refers to "Leftist retards") while those on the left who do the same thing are called shrill, or are accused of hateful speech? You'd think there would be a single standard, wouldn't you? Then again, if there were a set of rules for all of this, you'd think everyone would abide by them.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Judge Rebukes Wiretap Program - Wingnuts Explode!

OK, I admit it. I don't have first-hand experience. I haven't even heard stories. All I've done so far is seen the crawl on one of the televisions at the gym I frequent, and that was enough for me to fill in the blanks. The story? Here's MSNBC's take: Judge rebukes wiretap program. This has been the bread-and-butter issue for all those nice folks on, say, LGF (well, that and just about anything else Shrub has put his moniker on) and now that it's been suspended it is just a matter of time before those same nice folks begin calling for "activist judges" to meet some kind of untimely demise.

Bear in mind that the "activist judge" in this case decided that the Constitution of the United States, that same document that lets all those nice folks who populate RightWingia own firearms, says in two places -- the first and fourth amendments -- that the President can't just go off and order wiretaps, and that the President also has to obey the law of the land, just like mere mortals.

Law and Order are clearly too much for the nice folks of RightWingia to abide, and I can hear the sound of heads exploding even as I type these words. The President, clearly, is entitled to obey only those laws He deems proper. He has already indicated this with His signing statements, appended to those laws He signs. And the President is clearly entitled to do what He deems proper when the nation is at war, especially if it is a war that He initiated for purposes that only He can properly divine.

Meanwhile, I'm going to see if I can't scare up a latte, or whatever it is that those of us on the left, we scary people who believe in the rule of law, are supposed to drink.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Of Mohawks and Morons

Senator George Allen (Idiot, Virginia) is having some trouble identifying a Mohawk haircut. It seems that he referred to a staffer for his opponent, James Webb, as "Macaca," a type of monkey. (Macaque, to be precise.) A spokesman for Allen later clarified Allen's comments, saying that the Senator was referring to the staffer's haircut, and said "Macaca" instead of "Mohawk." Here's a picture of the staffer:

Now, just to be helpful, here's two more images:


Any questions?