Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breaking: Ben Shapiro Makes Shit Up!

We have a slight correction to the headline. We do not know whether Ben Shapiro, of Breitbart News (sic) actually makes shit up. What we do know, however, is that he includes made-up shit in his stories and then, even when called on the made-up shit, actually stands by the made-up shit because "The story as reported is correct," according to Mr. Shapiro. In other words, he correctly quoted the bullshit that his source fed him even though he, in all likelihood, knew at the time that the story was bullshit.

Sources: Dave Weigel's article in SlateDavid Taintor's article on TPM, and, of course, the article by Dan Friedman, who's sarcastic comment started the whole thing.

To repeat: There is no group called "Friends of Hamas." We do not know whether or not Ben Shapiro is payed by "The Friends of Hitler" or even "The Osama bin Laden Memorial Society," but we do know that Breitbart News happily prints bullshit. That is all.

Friday, February 08, 2013

This is Why Everyone Needs to Carry Guns

So... L.A. Torrance Police, who were hunting for a 6-foot, 270-pound black ex-cop, came across two Latina women in a blue pickup truck who were delivering the L.A. Times, and pumped more than forty bullets into the truck.

Neither the 71-year-old Emma Hernandez nor her 47-year-old daughter, Margie Carranza, bore much of a resemblance to Christopher Dorner, the aforementioned 33-year-old fugitive who was neither female nor elderly nor hispanic nor short of stature and who was believed to be driving a different model and color pickup truck.

To repeat: Cops "riddled with bullets" a pickup truck containing an elderly Latina newspaper carrier and her middle-aged daughter. Riddled. With bullets. They shot an old lady in the back. Twice.

Christopher Dorner was said to be driving a 2005 charcoal gray Nissan Titan pickup truck.

Emma Hernandez was driving a blue Toyota Tundra truck.

Toyota; Nissan. Blue; Gray. Old hispanic woman; young black male.

For emphasis: 71-year-old women do not, it is safe to say, resemble 33-year-old black men, gray is not blue, Toyota is not Nissan, and that number of bullets -- at least 46 -- is indicative of something other than an intent to stop and question somebody.

Now, ask yourself this question: If this is the way trained police officers react -- trained big-city police officers -- how do you suppose Nervous Charlie will react if he's armed and encounters any kind of stressful situation?

What if Emma and Margie had been packing heat and decided to return the favor?

Manhunt: Newspaper carrier, 71, in ICU after being shot by police -

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