Sunday, September 20, 2015

Words of Wisdom from an Oath Keeper

Doc Speaks!

Doc is a typical commenter on far-right discussion boards, like True Conservative. He is typical of the Republican base -- the Trump base, especially -- and he speaks his mind. Frequently. (He also claims to be an Oath Keeper, by the way...) Here are a few of his Words of Wisdom:
  • You and a few million other libs I will kill soon!
  • You beaner POS fuck you, eat shit & die! (In response to Juan TwoTree)
  • Piss off nigger muslim queer!
  • Listen you POS to what is awaiting you cocksucker, your asshole will have a 12 ga shoved deep inside you & fired making one less muslim nigger queer!
  • Fuck You muslim queer!
  • What life? You are a fucking foreign queer muslim POS so Eat Shit & Die!
  • Cocksucker I hope I get to fucking chop off your POS head!
  • I hate all muslims & can't wait to kill more & more commies!
  • Obama the muslim terrorist American foreign enemy combatant demands from us Oath Keepers to kill him & entire illegal regime!
  • Now you done it! This American Patriot will kill libs, nigs, muslims, commies & all invading illegal aliens!
  • You must be part of the coup with the military & hundreds of millions patriots who will kill everything in DC this year.
  • Patriots by the millions await as does most gun owners, that puts our numbers well over 165 million, we need the US Armed Forces to be retaken by discarded Generals, etc. to come back get the men & coup DC and everything alive killed! I say Trump has hard evidence about Obama that will start the war soon, this year!
  • Fuck niggers, muslims, commies & all of the other assorted trash in our land!