Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why does this not surprise me?

So it turns out that Republicans are not handling the election results well according to Public Policy Polling. If you recall the election season of 2010, many Republicans resorted to threats of violence if the election didn't go their way. Anybody remember "second amendment remedies?" I do. It seems that modern-day Republicans are little more than children, stamping their feet and threatening to hold their breath if they don't get their way.

Why is it that Republicans, who claim to "love America," are so quick to want to secede from America (25% of the respondents in the survey indicated this desire) when things don't go exactly the way they want?

Why is it that Republicans are so willing to cling to the fact-free narratives that they get from places like Fox News despite the availability of, well, facts? 48% of the respondents in this survey believe that ACORN "stole" the election for Barack Obama.

ACORN no longer exists. It was driven out of existence by a right-wing smear campaign, victimized by a heavily edited and completely fraudulent video, and demonized by partisans who hid their true intentions. ACORN had as much influence on the election as the Wobblies.

We need a two-party system in this country. We need a healthy debate about the great issues of our time and we need to, in the grand tradition of America, achieve compromise on said great issues. We can't have a healthy two-party system if one of those parties is living in la-la land.

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