Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Idiot, Liar, or Jerk?

The latest Pew Poll has Bush's approval rating at 33 percent. We're down to raving fundamentalist Republicans here, folks. Moreover, this poll shows that people have a hard time deciding whether Bush is an idiot (21 chose this), a liar (17 chose this), an ass (8 think so) or just a jerk (7 offered this descriptor). Of course, the largest number of respondents (29) used the word "incompetent" to describe him. (This poll asks people to offer a single-word description of the President. See all the glorious here.)

I favor the explanation that he's a lying incompetent idiot of an ass, but that's just me. Well, me and an awful lot of other people who seem to be discovering that the Emporer really does have no clothes. Thank you, America, for coming to your senses, even if it has taken you a bit too long. Now perhaps we can rally some support for the Constitution of the United States, eh?